Month: July 2020

Long Distance Relationships and Fun

Are relationships possible at a distance? If the question is whether to start such a novel, in my opinion, it is better not to start. For online love to be successful, there must be a feeling that the light came together in this person, that it doesn’t matter to you in USA or in Kathmandu. It is important that he. You can only go through such a test with very strong motivation. The chaturbate reviews are there for you.

How to save and maintain a virtual romance?

We recommend not to get carried away with super-daily phone calls so that communication with each other does not turn into a binding. Sometimes people try to compensate for this distance by sending messages to each other every minute. This creates the illusion of intimacy, but does not remove frustration from the fact that a person is far away. Let everything be natural. Also, from the very beginning, you should estimate for yourself the options that you are ready for the sake of this relationship. Are you ready to move? Are you ready to help this person and support him in adaptation if he moves to you? When the couple is already formed and people understand that they want to be together, they need to draw up joint plans and tie them to specific dates.

Relations at a distance

As for virtual sex, it should be seriously considered not only by those who are constantly far from each other. We recommend different types of virtual sex to couples in long-term relationships in which there was sexual boredom. And toys, and sexting, and sex on Skype. The problem of families and couples in a long-term relationship is that they become linked to each other, the distance between them, due to which the sexual energy vibrates, disappears. When we live, relatively speaking, picking up spouse’s dirty socks, eating after him from a plate, we live in a merger, in the absence of barriers, playfulness – all that fills sex with electricity.

  • And also, when the partner is constantly opposite, we get used to seeing him in the genre of hyperrealism then his beard is not very well shaved, then it smells badly from his mouth and when we communicate with the same person from a distance, we can fantasize about him in his best sexually attractive form. At home, he wore a sweatshirt in my clothes, and on a business trip we can imagine him conquering Wall Street as an alpha male in a business suit, who also cuddles James Bond.

Virtual sex is also great when a person is afraid to enter into a direct sexual relationship with a partner. Entering into sexuality, into unusual sexual practices in this way will be for him the most gentle and safe.


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